Once again I'm late posting a new page. I'm trying to remember what happened in August. It's  good thing I have pictures to remind me. Jerry took a trip to the Salt Lake City for speed week. I don't have pics here, but you can check it out on the business website- http://www.diyautotune.com/cars/customer/gary_hart_studebaker.htm if you're interested. I took the girls to the beach at Red Top Mountain with my mom. It's a pretty nice lake beach. Lesah had a few "firsts" this month. She learned to climb stairs. She got up about 3 steps before I realized this. She was following her big sis. Jerry followed her up the rest of the way while I took pictures. She had no problem getting to the top. She seemed a little bummed when the stairs ended. She loves to climb, especially on & around her walker. She looks so proud standing on her walker in the picture below. It's like she knows there's an extra element of danger to climbing on a movable object. Lesah also learned to clap her hands. I think this was also something she learned from her big sis. My favorite first was when she made faces at me while I was feeding her. She was cracking me up, which only seemed to encourage her. Camille has said many cute phrases. I'm always thinking, "I need to remember this", but it's hard to keep track. One of my favorites this month was, "This is going to be fun!" -about picking up toys. I wish she always felt that way about it :) Another funny one is, "I'm just crying". She says it very matter-of fact. I guess she figured it's easier to just tell us than to put on the whole drama. We had the girls dedicated at church. We've been wanting to do that for a while. It's important to us to make a formal commitment to raising them in the church  and with the knowledge of Christ. They will one day have to choose their own beliefs.  Our prayer is that they will know God's love first through us, then choose to have a personal relationship with Him.


                                                     Camille & Sophie - Future pianists?





                                                                      Red Top Mountain Beach



                                                                Dedicating the girls to God