I found myself running a little behind this year on all the Christmas preparations. After Thanksgiving and Lesah's birthday I was ready for a break, yet I had not even begun to think about Christmas.  I was especially  excited for Christmas morning this year. I'd been reading the  Christmas Story  (children's version) and other Christmas books to the girls, building anticipation for the day.  Camille loves to "read". She  sometimes can "read" a book to me from memory after hearing it only a few times (I'm talking about books with only a couple lines per page).  Also, when she sees writing in various places she points it out to me-  "It says, 'Happy birthday baby Jesus.'" This Christmas everything said "Happy birthday baby Jesus."  That's how it should be, right?  This was kind of a difficult month for Lesah. I'm not sure if it was a cold or the molars coming in, but she was clingy & crabby a lot. She did alright Christmas morning, but she was feverish & lethargic that afternoon. She was fine after I stripped her down & gave her some Tylenol. I think Lesah enjoyed her Christmas presents, but give the child a spoon & a dish and she can entertain herself pretty well. That's all she really needed. She had her one year doctor's appointment this month. She's at both ends of the spectrum for height & weight. She is such a dainty little thing.  At 19 pounds I still feel like I'm holding a baby when I hold her.  She is our little cuddle bug.  I love it when she wraps her arms around my neck & pats me on the back. It's so sweet. We rang in the new year with my sister, Elaine, & her kids.  The rest of my family didn't make it this year due to illness.



Baking cookies with Gramma Doreen- Camille & her cousin Grace


Decorating a gingerbread house with mommy- Camille did such a good job


Camille & Lesah in their Christmas dresses


Christmas Eve- Camille & Uncle Wade

Playing with cousin, Caden's, new race track

Hurricane Camille destroys the race track... for the 3rd time- sorry Caden!


Christmas morning

This was the best family picture we got all day ( Lesah was napping)


My parent's house-  Cousins

Lesah on Great Gramma's lap- tired girls


Random car pics


New Year's Eve - My nephew, Sam, with Camille & Sophie

I thought this was an especially good picture of Elaine & I