Here we are another month into the year. Lesah turned three months old. She started smiling & interacting more with us, which has been so much fun. She has such a big smile. I love to see it. We think she's starting to cut teeth now (not quite so much fun). It hasn't been too bad yet- just some fussy spells here and there. Camille has moved on from the crib and has started sleeping in her big-girl bed. The transition went more smoothly than we expected. She's pretty good about staying in bed. She is our new alarm clock. She comes and wakes us up around 7:00 each morning. She's not always accurate. We have had to send her back to bed at 2:00 in the morning. For the past few weeks I have been watching my niece, Sophia, three days a week. She is 16 months old. She & Camille have enjoyed playing together toddler style (you know- squabbling over toys, pushing each other around, etc... :) They really aren't too bad. I only have to referee from time to time. It's been an adventure with three small children in the house. It makes having two seem a lot easier. Jerry & I got to go on a couple dates for the first time since Lesah was born- thanks to the fabulous grandmothers,  Gramma Nette & Grammy Doreen!


                                     Here are our little Valentines on Valentine's Day


                          Daddy reading to Camille- her first night in the big bed


                                               Camille & Sophie playing with play-dough



                                                                                   Happy Baby !