June was a busy month for us. We went to the Hoffmann family reunion in Hermann, MO. We had a nice time visiting with everyone. I also got some good pictures of Jerry's grandparent's farm. Jerry & I celebrated our birthdays (with lots of  ice cream cake). The DIY crew had some fun decorating his office, as you can see below.  Lesah started sitting up. She liked it so much that she started sitting on the end of her bouncy seat. We finally had to put the chair up because she would lean over until she fell forward, doing push-ups off the floor. (She managed to do this while strapped into the chair.) She  started spending a lot more time in her walker and gets around pretty good in it. She has also started eating fruits & veggies- yum!  The girls started playing together more, which has been really fun to watch. Camille also likes to push her around in her walker. Camille talks so much now. She continually surprises us with new words & full sentences. I had one of my most rewarding "mom" moments, yet, when she said, "Mommy, I love you." 


                                                                                    Where's Lesah?



                                                             I'm not sure I'm going to like this........

These strange-looking balloons are supposed to be mice & snakes. They came together in a pack-

perfect for a predator/prey party theme.......They were from the dollar store :)