Spring has sprung! March has been a busy month for us, filled with many family birthdays. We had a couple of milestone birthdays this year. My dad turned 60. We threw him a big party with lots of birthday candles & just a few jokes about his age. Our nephew, Caden, celebrated his 1st birthday. I've included the B.C. & A.C. (before  cake & after cake) pictures below. Camille will turn 2 tomorrow. She's becoming quite the chatterbox. She has started putting short sentences together on her own, but her favorite phrases are "need more" & "how reach it?". She is also finally learning to say "please". We are going to start potty-training in the next couple days. She seems to be ready, as she often announces her diaper status. Lesah has started grabbing at her toys, and she recently found her feet. She also finds her big sister very entertaining.