May 3- 6 we went with some friends to Santa Rosa, Florida. We had two full days there. The pictures from that trip make up most of our May pictures. Two other couples went with us. Adam & Mary had their twin girls with them. They are just 6 months younger than Camille, so she had lots of fun playing with them. Camille really enjoyed the beach. I spent most of the time under an umbrella with Lesah (when I wasn't taking a break to take pictures). One of the highlights of the beach was finding a baby shark that someone had caught on their fishing line & released. It was just floating around toward the shore until Adam pulled it out of the water. Everyone gathered around with their cameras and had way too much fun with the poor animal! I added a couple pictures from later in the month, including Lesah's first experience eating cereal.


                                                                        No, we didn't build it

                                                                  Adam, Mary, Rachel and Anna

                                               See what I mean about "too much fun" ?

                                                                              Anna?  or  Rachel?