Lesah's Birthday

This month we celebrated Lesah's first birthday. I have a whole separate page for that (for those who have not already seen it). Lesah started walking more consistently just a couple weeks before her birthday. I'm amazed at how few falls she had in the whole process. She just takes her time. This is a good thing because she is very sensitive to the slightest bump, and doesn't always bounce back well. Her favorite word is "Uh Oh", and she uses it appropriately on many occasions. She's been saying this for a while now. She also says "Da Da" & "Ma Ma" (though it's much more rare). "More" is another word that she uses a lot. She learned that when I introduced her to Cheerios. They were that first solid food I could get her to eat, and they quickly became about 75% of her diet (she refused to eat anything else!). Camille started singing the ABC song. She has a great memory. I think she only heard the song a few times. She started singing it in the car one day, and I couldn't think of where she even heard it. It's funny how much she picks up on when on the outside she often  looks distracted. She can also count objects up to 10. She still loves to be the center of attention. It's nice to be past the "terrible" part of the terrible two's. She really has a delightful personality. She still wears me out, but we have more fun together. Below are a bunch of pictures that I took of the girls at a couple different parks nearby.


Feeding Ducks at Shorty Howell Park