San Diego was so much fun. It was a great place for a family trip. There was so much to do. It would be great to go back and do all the things that we couldn't fit in with two kids & one week. 


San Diego Bay Harbor

Our first evening there we started with a 30 minute ferry ride from San Diego Harbor to Coronado Island the evening we got there. We figured the 1-2 hour boat tours would be too much for the girls. 

There were a lot of cool sculptures like this along the harbor.

I stepped up to this sculpture to get a closer look &  he moved.....He got me good.

On the Ferry to Coronado Island

View of the city from the boat


La Jolla Beach

The next day we went to La Jolla beach. We were fighting some jet-lag, and taking it easy. Poor Lesah was taking Benadryl for a mysterious rash, so she was groggy when we got to the beach. She eventually perked up & started chasing the seagulls.


Seaport Village

That evening we went to Seaport Village. I  mostly got pictures of the surrounding areas, but it's a cute, touristy shopping area by the bay.

A street performer set these rocks up for the crowd. We caught the very end of it.


The Zoo

It was a nice zoo. Lesah (still on Benadryl) slept through most of it. She did stay awake long enough to scream through the entire bus tour when we first got there. Camille really enjoyed it. Camille said her favorite animal was the giraffe, though it was the only animal they didn't have at the zoo.

Camille's giraffe

Lesah's first zoo experience.


That night we went to Little Italy downtown for dinner....We ended up getting it to go.



The next day we went to SeaWorld, a surprise favorite of mine. We loved the Shamu show and saw it twice, once when we first got their & once right before we left. Jerry made a special trip to the car with our cameras, so we could sit up front in the soak seats. I was bummed when we didn't get a drop of water- not one little splash. I could have had such great pictures! I was struck by the contrast between seeing these whales swim with their trainers & getting kisses........and the killer whale from the Planet Earth episode jumping completely out of the water & grasping a seal in it's jaws.

The Shamu Show

The pigeons kept Lesah entertained during lunch.

Where did they go?


Silver Strand Park on Coronado Island

 Late in the afternoon we usually would end up driving around while the girls got a nap in the car. We saw several different areas of the city this way. This is how we saw most of Coronado Island,. but we did get out to take some pictures on the beach.

Jerry with a very sleepy Camille


Our bungalow by the bay

The girls looked so cute the next morning in their bows. I had a little photo session. Lesah's rash was gone, so no more Benadryl. This was a much better day for her.

The place we stayed had a nice view of the bay from our suite. We spent some time sitting outside after the girls went to bed. There were a couple of skunks that liked to hang around there. They would climb around the rocks & occasionally get uncomfortably close. We tried to get a picture, but it didn't turn out well.

Nightime view


La Jolla Cove

We saw lots of skaters around town. This guy was fairly young, but we were was surprised a few times to see guys skateboarding around town who looked older than us. They seemed to be using it more for transportation.

Camille with daddy

It was a completely different beach experience from the east coast. No humidity. No sweat. Freezing water. You can still get sunburn though, Jerry.

Lesah with surfer hair. She kept wanting to put sandy rocks in her mouth.


Ocean beach

We went to Ocean Beach that evening. Jerry said it was like "little five points" on the beach. There were a lot of surfers out.  I don't know how they can stand to surf in that freezing water when it's not even even hot outside.

Hodad's - a surfer hang-out at Ocean Beach w/ good hamburgers


Old Town

It was our last day in San Diego. We didn't spend a lot of time in Old Town. it seemed like a tourist trap, though there is a lot of history there.  I got caught up in the trap & bought a star lantern made by a 31st generation tin maker.  It's pretty cool.


Balboa Park

Balboa Park was really just a giant photo op for me. It such a beautiful park.  It is actually home to several museums, a botanical center and an artists village. We didn't have time to go in the museums, but we did stop by some studios in the artist's village..... and we hit the playground. We also had lunch at the Prado, which is a really good restaurant & one of best meals we had all week.

Botanical center

This is our one family picture from the trip.