This month Lesah is 14 months old. She has added more words to her vocabulary-  no, up,  down, apple, night night, and she likes to end our dinner-time prayers with a big a-MEN! She's been walking since she was a year old, but she still has that wobbly new-walker walk that's funny to watch. She is all about climbing on everything she can possibly get on, so there have been a lot of bumps and bruises. She has filled out a little bit this month too.  She 's got a little belly hanging out over those skinny legs.  I let her feed herself with a spoon for the first time (amusing pics below).  I took lots of pictures (even more than usual :) of Lesah this month.  I'm wanting to have a portrait printed on canvas like one we have of Camille.  Camille stepped in at one point & I got some very expressive shots of her as well.  Camille  has always been dramatic, but she has stepped it up to a new level. She had me convinced that she was suddenly afraid of the dark one night. I put on a night light and started talking to her about why she shouldn't be afraid.  I was being very serious when she started smirking, and I realized it was all a ploy to delay bedtime. It worked. We're going to have to be quick to stay ahead of that one. I also have some pictures from our nephew, Caden's, 2nd birthday party.  My niece, Laura, got married this month as well. I have a few pictures of her and her and her husband, Fady.


                                   I just think this is a really cute picture of Jerry

                            This picture makes me smile- I love the look on her face


                                                                        Birthday boy, Caden

                                                             Camille puts her game face on

                                                                        Look at that belly :)

Our other nephew, Chase, ready for his game/ Camille likes the remote control truck


                                                                                 Laura  &  Fady

                Sisters- I thought this was a really cute picture  of Sara & Laura. 



She usually doesn't pose like this for pictures. It was fun getting all the different faces.


This is the one we picked to have  printed on canvas. I love that her little  feet are in the shot.

If you've spent much time on this site, you've probably figured out that I love taking pictures by windows.