Happy New Year! We had a nice start to our new year with some snow.  Camille was very excited about it. It's the first time she's been out in the snow. It didn't last much more than a day, but we had some beautiful fat snowflakes falling for a while there. It was great packing snow too.  I made some snowballs that could knock someone's lights out. I then decided I'd better pack it more loosely, since causing bodily harm was not the goal. Camille got an easel for Christmas. I have pictures below of her trying it out. I love how she had to hold every piece of chalk in her hand, and make one mark with each color. She did the same thing with the markers, drawing lines in every color, each one overlapping the other. She loves painting with watercolors.  I admit, I was excited for her to go to bed so I could paint a little myself. She had mixed up some really pretty colors.  Camille has started making up songs. It's so cute. She likes to talk about things she's going to do "when I get older".  She sometimes puts those things in her songs.  She loves to dance with scarves. She does it in ballet class, and I thought we'd try it at home. She hands Lesah a scarf, "Here, Les, this one's for you.". She tries to engage Lesah in play now.  It's a refreshing change from the constant battle for toys & attention  (though we still have some of that too). Lesah is saying more words all the time. She says Ma Ma a lot more now. She also says- bye, hi, yeah, wow & ball.  She has got the cutest little giggle that she does when she is particularly thrilled about something.  She often does it when she has accomplished something- like getting a shape through the right hole. Jerry is doing well. He has added on to the business' office/warehouse space. The space next door opened up soon after he started looking for a larger spot- so cool how God worked that out. It would have been a big ordeal to move everything. I am part of a year-long discipleship group with some women from my church. I'm excited about finally developing some relationships there. It's given Jerry a chance to connect with some of guys there too. 



                                                                                       Snow !!

Lesah is going to catch some snow in her cup



Preparing to throw a snowball at Daddy


The  Princesses