We had a lot of fun this month!  I have lots of pictures.  We spent July 4th with Jerry's family at his brother Wade's house near Charleston, SC. The guys shot off some fireworks on the street.  They put on  a pretty good show. The girls enjoyed it, though Lesah clung to me the whole time. We had a really nice weekend.  The girls have enjoyed going to the pool this summer.  We got arm swimmies for Camille, and she enjoys the pool so much more with them.  Lesah and I mostly hang out  in the really shallow areas and on the steps while  Camille swims  close by. Lesah doesn't like for me to hold her a lot. She doesn't mind getting her head underwater, and she's learned to hold her breath.  She has no fear of the water. I'd like for  the girls to have swimming lessons before the summer is over. We went camping with my family. It was our first camping experience with kids. We went to a state park near my parent's house . We ended up sleeping at my parent's house when a yellow-jacket's nest was discovered near the campsite. My sister & niece were stung.  We all went  back the next day & went to the lake.  We got a new campsite, but after a night of sleeping on my parent's sofa with Lesah on top of me I decided we should go home that night.  We can try overnight camping again another time :)  It's been fun watching our house go up.  It's amazing how fast it happens. The roof is on now.  In the next few weeks it should be completely bricked and sheet rocked. I have  pictures below.

July 4th Weekend

Caden pulling the girls

Camille watching fireworks

Caden, Bobi, Wade and Chase


Playing dress-up with Grace


Camille's first ice cream cone

She happily shared with Lesah  (after Lesah helped mommy finish hers)



Tired babies - after a day at the lake

Love the Kool-aide mustache


Atlanta Botanical Gardens w/ friends Holly & Connor

Checking out the Baby Quail


Our House