We  took a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC with my family. It was lots of fun, though it went by way too quickly. The girls loved the ocean, the sand and playing in the pool.  We went to an amusement park one day too. They actually had lots of rides that Camille and Lesah could both ride on. I wish I'd had my camera with me.  They had a blast. Lesah is fearless.  She talks more all the time and says complete sentences.  After lots of hard work we got our house ready to put up for sale.  We  then decided to rent it instead, since it is a renters market right now. It will make the process of moving much nicer, since we can move out at our leisure. Also, we're only moving about 4 miles away.  I put pictures of our lot below. Building starts June 30!


Myrtle Beach

                                                                     Grace playing with the girls

                                                                            Camille & Grampa

                                                                 "Good morning, Lesah"

                         Kurt, Sam, Casey and  Sara- enjoying their beach vacation  :)

                                                                   Mom, Dad, Angie and Eddie

                                                                        Us with Elaine & Sophie


                                    Camille with her sunflower that she grew from seeds


                                                                         Front view of our lot

                                                                                 Side view of lot