Things that happened this month:

Jerry signed a contract with Penguin publishing to co-write a book (with one of his employees)  on engine management systems.  I'm very proud of him.  A while back he was approached by the publishing company to write the book, which says something about the reputation he has built.  Matt will be writing the bulk of the book (yeah,  Matt!).  Jerry will be doing some editing and filling in areas where he has more experience.  The intention of the book is to be a practical approach to implementing fuel injection/ engine management systems.  He hopes to also add some of the personality & humor that shows on the business website. 

Camille learned to pedal her bike. She also learned a few phrases from me & pulled them out later when they worked to her advantage - Mom, "don't worry about it."  "just settle down."  These are  a couple of my favorite quotes of the month: "Little girls are all my friends." "They love me very much." She's learning to share more with Lesah and the art of "taking turns."  (Lesah is still figuring that part out :)

Lesah says new words and repeats what she hears all the time.  We've stopped keeping track of her vocabulary. Camille was such a big talker. They are opposites in many ways, so I was expecting Lesah to be  more quiet.  That doesn't seem to be the case (where do they get it?).  We now have more than one Dora the Explorer fan.  Lesah shouts, "Dora" .... "Map" ....." Backpack".  Our careful walker has turned into a  little dare-devil. She loves to climb on everything!

I had a weekend away and visited my cousin, Mandy,  in Chattanooga. It was so nice to have some girl- time......adult girl-time, that is.  Also, I finally raced my first autocross- yeah!  It was a blast. I raced one of Jerry's Miatas.  I got to run the track 12 times, so I was able to get a good feel for it. I spun out 4 times. Everyone says if you don't spin out you're not driving aggressively enough.  What fun!

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures this month. These don't require much explanation. The bottom few are from Easter. I couldn't resist pulling out the rabbit ears again. I'm sure they'll be back next year too :)