Camille had her first ballet recital. The ballet group performed "Sleeping Beauty". Her class (2 1/2 - 3 yr olds) were the Spring & Summer fairies. They were adorable. Camille lit up on stage. She kind of did her own thing, but, boy, was she enjoying her performance! I laughed so hard I cried. Her funny quote for this month: " Um, Mom, how about Lesah goes to bed now and I stay up a little later. Would that be cool? "(she says with a little half-wink). Lesah's shoe fetish continues. I  added a couple cute pics of her in various shoes. Her hair has grown out a lot more in the back & she has a bit of a mullet going on. :) I really noticed it in a couple of the pictures below.  She's such a cutie!


This is what she looked like during a large part of her performance

                                                                      This is my Degas shot

                                                                Finale- The whole ballet group

                                 Getting flowers from the their dance instructor

                                               Post-show party -  Lesah,  Caden,  Camille


                                 They love those boots!