San Diego

This month Jerry & I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. As  an anniversary gift I put together a photo book of wedding pictures on MyPublisher.com, since we haven't had a formal wedding album. You can pick a format & insert your photos, and they send you a printed, bound book. It turned out really nice. We kept our celebration simple because we had a family trip to San Diego planned (fun....but not an anniversary celebration). Anyhow, we had a great time on our trip. As you can see, I made a whole separate page for it. I didn't put a whole lot of pictures on this page- more pictures of Camille at the park. I feel like I've had a ton of these.  Also, Camille started a ballet class, so I have a few pictures of that. The little girls look sooo cute. For the first couple classes the moms were like paparazzi, oohing, ahhing , taking pictures.... We are still working on potty-training. Camille  is starting to sing a little, which is so cute. She knows one line of a few different songs. Her new favorite sayings are: "my daddy told me (I could do this, have this...etc)..." , "I want something else", and "why?". Lesah hasn't had any major milestones this month, though she I know she learns new things every day. She is still a bit clingy to me. She loves playing with toys, and she loves to eat!


Here we are - young & in love

Five years later....We are a little worse for the wear, but very much in love. I couldn't be happier.


Jerry is teaching Camille how to swing on her own.

"Really, Mom, can you help me out here?"



Dancing with scarves.